The toyota smart city project

School project

Toyota smart city transport

Initial brief: Find a design opportunity within Toyota's smart city

Make mutimodal transport simpler and more comfortable

I was interested by the multimodal transport organisation that was described with the Ha:Mo concept. Looking at it in more depth I noticed that not much had been done with bus systems on their own. I therefore decided to work on a user centered bus system. The goal became to create a full user experience , where the bus was adapted to the indivudual user's needs.


What is Toyotas's vision for city bus transport?

The bus:

The bus system designed in this project is made of Toyota coaster sized buses. They travel on bus lines like most bus systems, but only stop if requested by a passenger, or by an app user.

The Ha:Mo bus companion app

The Ha:Mo bus companion app aims to enhance the existing idea behind Ha:Mo by including the multi-class bus transport system. Users can use the app to book their multimodal trip, and get a recommended seat based on the length of their travel.

Prototype made using the Navigo Transportation UI Kit by Aurélien Salomon