The toyota smart city project

School project


After the 4l, Kangoo and Frendzy, what is next for Renault?

Project goals: design a concept car interior and exterior. Create a scale 1 cardboard model of the interior and a clay model of the exterior.

The project was started with a class competition. Our class was divided into two groups, interior and exterior design. Upon the end of the competition, Two lead designers were appointed. The exterior lead designer created an exterior team to create the exterior design model, and the interior team created a team for the interior.

I was in charge of the human machine interaction within the vehicle, and of the dashboard design. I was also a part of the interior model making team.

Human machine interaction

The vehicle being autonomous, but destined to a professional usage, a drive by wire steering system was selected. Joysticks with screens accessible by the user's thumbs are hidden inside of the dashboard during autonomous operation, and used by pushing them forward or backward during assisted driving operation.

Control sticks

The joystick screens were used to interact with the center console screen. They use a circular selection mechanic commonly found in video games.The menu interaction becomes pattern based and users are able to memorize thumb movements for common used operations and therefore stop taking their eyes off the road over time.